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July 18th -Are you Ready to Rumble-!!-And over view of last race

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[b]Mother Nature may water down the track this Saturday for us
So track conditions should be good - Every one try to show up we missed a few of you racers last week.- Titus and Matt isn't going to make it they have a reunion to attend - Titus ran off with both the Otis trophies the last race he kicked butt.- Looks like Phil Arbogast is the man to out run hes been moving up each race finishing 2nd in the SCT class-But James Close is so close (no pun)he is due to win any givin race he also has a good lead in the season points standing in the SCT class. I'm leading the Buggy class by a small margin. I've missed Levi and the boys this year his new job has consumed his racing days and Levi is hard to out run-great racer he won 2 different points champions in 2009. Greg Currence I'm a better man by being your blood brother so as Greg would say Fire them up Pilgrams - see you Sunday.

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