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Track Changes for 2010 and other news and a few thank yous and buy a chance

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The track has been changed for 2010 - Doubled in size - 417'= 1 lap - went from 8' to 14'wide lanes plenty of room for nitros and electrics, a couple of large jumps and and uphill u turn section ,Thanks to Levi Judy and his backhoe operating skills he cleaned up the place and put in some under ground piping to get rid of wet areas.I purchased a Trackmate electronic system that counts lap times and a bunch of other things. Thanks to Dusty Campbell the computer wiz for telling me what to buy and then making it work.System cost close to $1000.00 bucks so were SELLING CHANCES ON A SLASH COMPLETE SYSTEM TO PAY FOR IT. In the process of putting in a restroom for who ever gives a crap. lol We need to grow in racers and I believe this is a step forward in that direction - It' a sport that folks can enjoy with their kids they seem to be naturals and as always for The Big Boys Toys.Plenty of parking shaded pit areas- You can still go to church and make it to the races.

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The new track is amazing! Thank you so much Wayne for making this available to us!!!! cheers

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