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Dusty has come up with a groovy logo for the track - he's checking with a printer to see what it would cost to have them made up for the cars...... Diane the web lady or my wife is in the process of writing a program so we can down load the Trackmate info on race results. We are still learning the Trackmate system so it's a process to get it doing what we need it to..... She is also awaiting photos of the new track so she can up date About the Track..... You will find a few updates have already happened.....Friday evening at 5pm we'll be at Krogers selling tickets on the Slash - we need a bunch more sold please help so we can pay off the Trackmate System.....Thanks for all whos helped so far..... Everyone has to agree it's made life easier for all. Thats the reason I took the plunge and bought it. Well thats my time on the stump later Cash Slash

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Wayne if we cannot sell enough tickets I am willing to donate some coin to the cause!

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Thanks man -we still have time to push tickets hopefully we'll make it

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