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1Racer Report Empty Racer Report on Mon May 17, 2010 12:06 am

Folks it was rough and exciting day at the track- P Arbogast was bending crawler steering arms in his new Losi-then was upside down for a lap before a track marshall got him flipped-this is an area we need to improve on the next race - we're rushing the races we'll take more time in between races so all will have time to get ready and we'll have plenty of track marshalls......Titus Helmick burnt the track up in the Buggy Class with a 13.66 qualifier only to get a DNF in the feature which gave me the win -good for me bad for Titus - But I have an advantage Greg Currence rides with me for the Happy hunting ground.....Tommy Phillips got fired up over the Miller & Coors banners (he works for Bud)then he proceeded to win his heat and the SCT feature and Tommy said Bud red banners will be up next Sunday lol.....Pitzer is one of the younger folks easing to the front finishing 2nd in the Buggy class......A few tires were laying on the track broken off the cars -a few batteries left the cars- A few racers were sorely missed this weekend because of work-that sucks but pays for the habits-Levi did text Brad wishing him well and said to wreck someone -I love you to Levi lol - I know I forgot some folks and other happenings but I thank you racers for coming and all the help - Bring a friend a kid get em racing .....wife should have results up tomorrow thats the reason I didn't touch on that here alot-thanks again

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