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Raceing and Greg Currence

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1 Raceing and Greg Currence on Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:21 am

Hey guys I just wanted to put a few lines on here about raceing our great hobbie and a few things about Greg Currence the man the track was named after .Back in the late eighties we all started with blackfoots ,grasshoppers and cars that were not very race worthy,nothing like what we can get our hands on today .The first real race car I ever had was a gold tub rc10,which was soon converted into a mid motor dirt oval car ,there were no trucks to race only rc10s converted over .Back then if you wanted to race you had to do a lot of your own fabracation ,unlike today there were no ready to run cars out there .I soon got another rc10 ,by trading some old truck parts for it it came complete with an old futaba magnum radio and a couple of old motors ,I gave this car to Greg on one condition that he would go to Fairmont and race with us he messed around with it cleaned it up and started raceing on the dirt oval ,the first or second race he run he lead the race until the last lap the man who beat him was running a New modified motor,Greg motor had an old stock 27 turn motor ,this guy had to race hard for four minutes to catch him ,after the race he came over and handed Greg the ribbon and certificate and said that he was cheating ,They raced several more races like that the rest of the season but he never beat Greg anymore.A couple more years aftr that Associated came out with the rc10t ,I bought one we raced on the dirt oval and Greg still ran that old car .We was always working and tweaking on the cars ,I took the transmission out of his car and filed the between the teeth on all the gears ,the new stealth transmission couldnt keep up with the old rc10.Greg ran that car for a couple more years Then associated came out with the t2 truck he bought one and we started racing offroad at Bridge port on saturdays.He would run that old buggy and the truck ,He was hard to beat with either one ,the track big with lots of twists and turns and several jumps I think 14 laps in four minutes was a track record .We raced for a few more years and the track finally shut down .So we just set the cars on the shelf for the next few years ,then there was a small carpet oval that opened up in Weston, I bought a new pan car and Greg ran that old rc10, he put a set of foams on it and was ready to go ,we raced there for a couple of months and he won pretty much every week with that old car againest new cars and the direct drive pan cars .We never went to the track expecting to win we was just going to have fun and run our cars .That track didnt last to long ,so it was back to the shelevs for the cars ,until I bought my t4 ,I called Greg and told him to get his cars down and lets go some where and run .Thats when he got Wayne interested in the hobbie ,Wayne bought his slash they got together some and run them around .Then they decided to build a track in the spring of 2009 they got started digging plowing and designing the track .Greg designed the offroad to be tight and it took driver skill to get around it .He got to run on the track a few time before it was done he was still fast as ever and didnt wreck ,he liked to keep things simple ,his radios didnt have all the bells and whistles like the ones we have now .Greg passed away before we got to finish the track .Wayne mentioned to me that we was going to keep it going and we did.I think we had a great first season and we had a lot of fun .Just before the start of this season I was lucky enough to get Gregs race cars and all of his equipment ,I could have set it all back on the shelf ,but I didnt he wouldnt want that ,my step son Dale Pitzer is running his t2 and doing very well with it ,I plan on bringing that old buggy up some sunday and running it I wont ever be able to drive it like Greg could but im going to run it . I really like the changes at the track ,its fast and you still have to use skill to get around it ,I would like to see maby a few more jumps ,twists and turns ,but it is a great track .Everyone who comes up to race ,you all are a great bunch of guys Greg would have enjoyed raceing with all of you ,I just want to say thank you all for keeping Gregs dream alive .when we started raceing twenty some years ago we kept it simple and fun ,it didnt matter to us wheather we won or finished dead last as long as we was haveing fun it didnt matter.The thing we all need to remember is to keep it fun ,this is a great hobbie that has come a long way and its just going to keep going .So lets keep raceing and haveing fun with this great hobbie .Well just thought you all would like to know a few things about Greg ,he was a great competetor ,friend to all and most of all my brother .Thanks again guys for supporting the track and our great hobbie ,see you all sunday .Thanks Ralph

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2 Re: Raceing and Greg Currence on Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:25 pm

Hey Ralph, Greg sounded like a great guy I am very happy that yourself and wayne has taken over the track and decieded to keep it going. I have a great time and cant wait for every sunday that there is a race i fell like a kid, actually like my son, for a kid thats two years old Ive never seen someone get so excited about rc cars and it doesnt matter to him what kind. Anyways cant wait to see you all sunday and to see that old truck and buggy. See ya James

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